Therapure tpp540 air purifier

Clean air is not only important but essential for all of us. This is one of the reasons why air purifiers have gained popularity.

An air purifier or air cleaner are the appliances which are used to removes contaminants from the air. Air purifier nowadays has become most demanded product in the market. The people who like to have air purifiers are those who are suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory ailments.

Apart from that, it is also used to get rid of secondhand smoke. Air purifiers have HEPA filters that help in cleaning and purifying the air.

There are different types of air purifiers in the market, so it is quite difficult for any person to choose one. So in this article, we will do an in-depth review of Therapure tpp540 air purifier which will help you to know more about this product.

A quick word for the Therapure tpp540 air purifier

THERAPURE AIR PURIFIER TPP 540 is one of an efficient product available in the market. It puts a great effect of eliminating all foreign air particles from the surroundings.

It is one of a unique air purification device due to its use of various technologies. This machine possesses two main technologies namely UV germicidal protection and permanent HEPA filtration which work together to deliver clean air.



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    It has one of the great designs and it and it could be placed easily in almost any part of the house or office.
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    It is an energy star rated product. Thus it will require a very minimal amount of electricity.
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    It comes with a UV germicide protection feature.
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    It comes with a triple filtration mechanism which works well for small rooms.
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    While the HEPA filter needs no replacement, but the UV lamp has a one-year lifespan thus it requires annual replacement for optimum performance.
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    Cleaning of the permanent filter could be a difficult task.



The construction of THERAPURE AIR PURIFIER includes a locking latch, air inlet grill, HEPA-type filter, UV lamp cover etc.. When you first notice this machine, you will immediately notice the carrying handle built which fits directly into the compact frame of the air purifier.

Carrying handle is a quite convenient feature for an air purifier especially if you plan on transporting it from room to room.

The device is very stylish, and it comes in a black and silver color scheme. It is cylindrical and it has some small perforation holes which are used to make drawing air into the device. 

It is also light and would fit easily anywhere in the office or home. However, the greatest highlights of the device are its permanent filter and UV light kill bulb.

This device measures just over 2 ft in height which is comparable to a small lamp or floor speaker. This machine is small enough to place virtually anywhere in the home.

Features and Functions


1.) Patented HEMI Spheric HEPA Type Filter

This machine features a permanent HEPA-Type filter which efficiently removes allergens and contaminants from the air.

HEPA is the main filter that traps pollen, dust, dirt, and allergens which reduce overall indoor air quality. A high efficient HEPA filter can eliminate 99.97% of contaminants with a size equal to or larger than 0.3 microns.


UV lights are quite helpful as they decrease the survival rate of disease-causing contaminants like viruses and bacteria. Excessive usage of UV lights may decrease their effectiveness, and they need to be changed.

So by not continue using this feature and only using it when it is necessary may prolong the life of UV bulb. The TPP540 control panel consists of a UV light button which will give you more control over how your unit operates.


It is placed to the right of the on/off switch. This button will control the cleaning power of your unit through fan speed, and it can be set to 3 various speeds, i.e. LOW, MED, and HIGH.

This machine also features an Auto Mode which will show the conditions of ambient air and automatically tweak fan speed. This mode indicates air quality and adjusts the speed of the fan accordingly. 

So if air condition degrades, the fan speed increases and if there is a decline in air condition it turns it off automatically. An air quality controlled purification system with intelligent sensing is made to meet evolving environmental demands.

It will easily detect various conditions in a predetermined area.

Control Panel


The TPP540 consists of one of the unique control panels among other Envion’s air purifiers. This machine has a digital LED display which enables easy programming at night.

It has a remote control and different settings-including the Power ON/OFF, Timer Control, Fan Speed Control etc.. You can also adjust the air purifier to switch off after a pre-determined duration of time.

This machine also offers you three levels of fan speed control which are LOW, MED and HIGH. It is also decked with a timer feature which is located on the left of the power button. It is a great thing for those who don’t plan to keep their air purifier running 24/7.

The timer is set for 24 hrs period, every time you click the button, it adds 1hr to the total time up to 24hrs

 Final Verdict

 Envion air purifiers are one of the best air purifiers   available in the market. So if we talk about Therapure tpp540 air purifier, it   would   be a good choice for those who need some extra air quality control, especially in small rooms like offices or bedrooms.

 This machine can easily be trusted to trap dirt and other pollutants with a same level of efficiency. It is a cheap and an easy to       maintain, so which makes it a great option for first-time air purifier buyers.

 Overall, it is a great machine, and it would be a perfect choice for those who need an air purifier for a small room.

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